Understand How Your Customers Make Decisions

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You must understand how people make decisions in order to help them make a decision about your product or service. There are three types of decision-making: Simple, moderately-complex, and highly-complex.

People make simple decisions when they’re purchasing something they buy all the time; something repetitive, like toothpaste.  They just go to the shelf, find their go-to brand, and buy it.

People make moderately-complex decisions when they’re purchasing something they don’t buy as often, like a microwave oven. In order to make this decision, consumers want more information about the product or service, including the price, so they can compare it against the competition.

People make highly-complex decisions when they’re purchasing something they buy only a few times in their lifetime — or maybe even once — like a house, estate planning or surgery!  In order to make a highly-complex decision, they need a lot more information, including the price.

To sell your product or service most effectively, you must first know which category your offerings fall into — simple, moderately-complex, or highly-complex.  Then you must give prospects the amount of information they need to make a purchase decision.

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