Why Seminars?

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If you’ve never conducted seminars before — or you have but with less than stellar results — then read this…

5 Important Reasons to Conduct Public Seminars

Think about it…… There are only two ways to get in front of a prospect, in person, to talk at length about your professional services: 1) At a one—on—one consultation; or 2) At a seminar. Here are 5 big reasons to include seminars in your marketing plan:

1) Seminars Attract Lots of Leads — at the Lowest Cost-Per-Lead!

If you’re spending money on advertising, a seminar promotion will produce the highest number of leads at the lowest cost-per-lead. That’s because advertising a seminar is like “casting out a wide net.” Seminars attract people who are in all stages of decision—making — from those just beginning to consider your services…to those ready to select a professional. Seminars are, hands-down, the fastest way fill up your pipeline (and prospect database).

2) Seminars Save You Time

Rather than spending your time generating leads one-by-one, leverage your time and let advertising work for you. An effective seminar promotion is the perfect way to get a group of qualified prospects to “raise their hands” and indicate their interest in your services. Then, rather than meet with them individually, you can meet with a whole group of prospects at the same time, at your seminar!

3) Seminars Position You as the Expert — Drawing Prospects to YOU

When you regularly conduct seminars, you will quickly become the expert in your community, in the public’s minds. When people think of your services, they’ll automatically think of you!

Imagine running a “proven” seminar promotion in your community that will catch the eye of qualified prospects interested in your services…and having them call YOUR phone number to make reservations to attend YOUR seminar!

4) Seminars Help People Take the Next Step — to Meet With You!

Hiring a professional, like yourself, is a highly-complex decision for people, because it’s generally something people do once, or a few times, in a lifetime! Research tells us that in order to make a highly-complex decision, people need A LOT of information, and the RIGHT information, before they feel comfortable enough to move to the next step in the decision-making process.

That’s why seminars are the perfect forum for marketing to the public — they’ll get the information they need during a 1-2 hour seminar so people will feel comfortable enough to take the next step — which is to schedule a one-on-one appointment with YOU!

5) You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel — You Can Follow a Proven Seminar System

Just so you know, K Dunn & Associates has been providing turn — key  “Seminar Systems” for select professions for almost 30 years.  Plus, all the coaching to implement the system systems successfully.  The best part — if you’re not completely satisfied, our services won’t cost you a cent!

If you’re interested in find out more about how seminars would work for you — or how you can improve your current seminars, click the link to schedule a FREE, 30-minute, phone consultation.  You’ll lbe glad you did!

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If you think you can do this on your own, keep in mind that it takes a lot of trial & error to get the same results K Dunn & Associates can produce for you immediately.

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