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Our clients have very busy practices and, to protect their time and privacy, they are not asked to accept calls for references. That is one of the reasons we offer a guaranteed, 60-day trial period — so you can experience the results for yourself. To help you make a decision about trying our services, our clients have provided the following audio clips and case studies…

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A Sampling of Seminar Results in [php slug=reference-year]

City Reservations
East Meadow, NY 140
Portland, OR 67
Anchorage, AK 89
Tipp City, OH 60
Staten Island, NY 72
Flint, MI 64
Bethlehem, PA 69
A client in Long Island, NY ran one of our seminar campaigns and generated 59 seminar reservations! At the seminar, they used our seminar presentation and scheduled 31 immediate consultations!
A client in Portland, OR delivered one of our promotions directly to homes in his market area and received 67 phone calls within 2 weeks!
A client in Greensburg, IN ran one of our newspaper promotions to generate 61 phone calls!
To get off to a big start, a professional in Los Angeles implemented the MAP’s proven direct mail program — inviting people to a “dinner seminar.” Once the mail piece hit the mailboxes, he received more than 104 reservations . For his next run, he received even better results, receiving 127 reservations.

He says, “It’s a good program. Results are there.”

A client in Lillington, NC ran one of our seminar campaigns and received 111 seminar reservations! At the seminar, 34 people lined up to make appointments before leaving!
A client in Tipp City, OH delivered one of our promotions directly to his existing clients to promote a private seminar for their friends and family. Within one week of delivery, the original seminar date was completely full with 60 reservations and he even filled an overflow seminar with an additional 60 reservations!
A client in Ontario, CA was looking to rapidly grow his internal database with qualified prospects. To accomplish this, he ran one of our seminar promotions and received 112 seminar reservations! At the seminar, he was able to make 26 appointments and they are still coming in!

A Massachusetts professional joined the MAP because he wanted to improve his overall seminar marketing…from generating more attendance…reducing no-shows…and making more appointments.

He spent $3,950 to mail 5,000 invitations and the result was 109 reservations!…for a cost-per-lead of about $36.

To ensure he had a good show rate, he used the MAP’s seminar reservation service. This service not only took the initial reservations, but operators called back the day before each seminar to confirm attendance. The result was an 80% show rate!

To make more appointments, he followed the MAP’s seminar presentation & script…and 20 buying units scheduled appointments!

A professional in Hawaii had just left a larger firm to start his own practice. He previously had success with seminars, but he needed new advertising and presentation material, so he joined the MAP’s Seminar Marketing membership.

The last time he promoted his own seminars, the result was 40 attendees. When he ran the MAP ad, the result was 224 reservations!…and, at the seminar, he made 61 appointments!

He said, “My calendar is basically full for the next two months.“

To promote his first seminars, a Virginia professional used the MAP’s proven newspaper ads. He spent about $3,500 on ads and the result was 101 reservations!…for a cost-per-lead of about $35. At the seminar, he used the MAP’s seminar presentation and 28 buying units scheduled appointments!

For his next seminars, this professional decided to try the MAP’s proven direct mail invitation. He decided to spend a little more since his first seminars went so well, and he spent $5,550 to mail 7,500 invitations. The result was 252 reservations!…for a cost-per-lead of just $22!

This sounds too good to be true…but it is… a Missouri member had the highest closing rate of any MAP member…

Michael joined the MAP’s Practice-Building membership for help generating prospects and converting them to clients. The MAP’s first promotion helped him generate 28 consultations…and he closed 100%! He says he’s got to hire somebody right away, because he has enough work for two more people!

A Kansas professional contacted the MAP because his main referral source was going out of business and he needed to find a way to attract new clients. He had done seminars years ago, but felt his market was currently saturated with seminars. Nevertheless, he was willing to try the MAP’s proven Seminar Marketing System.

His MAP consultant recommended he spend about $5,000 to run MAP newspaper ads in several markets in northwest Kansas. The result was 224 reservations, which filled up 6 seminars! At the seminars, he used the MAP’s presentation and scheduled 61 appointments!

A Michigan professional left a larger practice to start his own financial planning firm, so he joined the MAP for help attracting clients to his new practice.

To help quickly establish his client base, a public seminar was promoted using one of the MAP’s proven direct mail invitations. The invitation was mailed to 5,000 targeted prospects, at a cost of $3,990. The result was 83 seminar reservations!

Before the seminar even occurred, this professional scheduled a consultation and retained a client! At the seminar, he scheduled 14 other consultations.

A member in Northern California wanted to grow her practice with as little work as possible (she’s also a Mom), so she joined the “Seminar Marketing Membership.“

When she implemented our seminar program, the result was 83 seminar reservations! 70 people showed up — an 84% show rate!

She used our presentation system, and one attendee said: “I was completely intrigued. It was truly the very best presentation I’ve ever heard!“

A practice in Arizona received 47 phone calls from their first seminar.

One attendee said, “This was the best financial planning seminar we’ve ever attended. Very professional. This is so much better than any of those other free seminars we’ve been to.“

A professional in Tennessee wanted help converting prospects to clients (he had a 7% appointment rate). When he used the MAP’s proven seminar presentation, he scheduled 21 appointments a 45% appointment rate! (46 people attended).

The professional said, “It’s the MAP’s presentation and script that made the difference. People were lining up for appointments.“

Before joining the MAP, a practice in Idaho had been getting 30 people at seminars. When they joined the MAP, they wanted to double their seminar attendance without a lot of hassle so they used our call center to take seminar reservations.

When our ad ran, they called to say, “It’s such a rush to click on the e-mail and see another reservation!”They received 80 seminar reservations!

Review Quotes From Your Colleagues…

“14 appointments again yesterday — these people were swarming that appointment table like never before!!”— Massachusetts

“If I hadn’t gone with you guys, my bankruptcy would already be complete by now.”— Missouri

“MAP membership gave our program the jump start it desperately needed. Now we have marketing professionals who know what ads work best and when to place them. I can focus my attention on our prospective clients, instead of the small details.”— Oregon

“It’s really amazing… I can’t believe the number of people calling!— Indiana

“We mailed a direct mail letter for a private seminar and got a 5.5% response rate!— Oklahoma

“The easy-to-follow, step-by-step program saves money and time by eliminating trial & error.”— New Jersey

“We received 156 calls from our first seminar advertising. We had to book an overflow seminar, and we already have 33 people signed up!”— New Mexico

“My gosh, we’re getting bombarded with calls!— Massachusetts

“We had five seminars and they were all packed!”— Arkansas

“You know, I didn’t think this was going to work. I’m completely blown away.”— Florida

These seminars really work. It’s amazing!”— Washington

“I’m not your only client, but sometimes it seems like it… because you attend to my needs so quickly.”— California

What Clients are Saying…

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