Why Seminars/Webinars?

If you want to advertise your services to attract lots of new business, the best approach is to conduct public seminars or webinars. If you haven't done this before — or you have but with less than stellar results — then read this...

5 Important Reasons to Conduct Public Seminars or Webinars

Think about it… There are only two ways to get in front of a prospect, in person, to talk at length about your services: 1) At a one-on-one consultation; or 2) At a seminar or webinar. Here are 5 big reasons to include seminars or webinars in your marketing plan:

1) Seminars/Webinars Attract Lots of Leads — at the Lowest Cost-Per-Lead!

If you’re spending money on advertising, a promotion for a free speaking event will produce the highest number of leads at the lowest cost-per-lead. That’s because advertising for such an event is like “casting out a wide net.” Speaking events attract people who are in all stages of decision-making — from those just beginning to consider your services…to those ready to select a professional. Seminars & webinars are, hands-down, the fastest way to fill up your pipeline (and client & prospect database).

2) Seminars/Webinars Save Time

Rather than spending your time generating leads one-by-one, leverage your time and let advertising work for you. An effective seminar/webinar promotion is the perfect way to get a group of qualified prospects to “raise their hands” and indicate their interest in your services. Then, rather than meet with them individually, you can meet with a whole group of prospects at the same time, at your event!

3) Seminars/Webinars Position You as the Expert — Drawing Prospects to YOU

When you regularly conduct public speaking events, you will quickly become the expert in your community, in people’s minds. When people think of your services, they’ll automatically think of you!

Imagine running a “proven” seminar or webinar promotion in your community that will catch the eye of qualified prospects interested in your services…and having them make reservations to attend YOUR event!

4) Seminars/Webinars Help People Take the Next Step — to Meet With You!

Hiring a professional, like yourself, is a highly-complex decision for people, because it’s generally something people do once, or a few times, in a lifetime! Research tells us that in order to make a highly-complex decision, people need A LOT of information, and the RIGHT information, before they feel comfortable enough to move to the next step in the decision-making process. That’s why seminars & webinars are the perfect way to market to the public — attendees will get the information they need during the event so they’ll feel comfortable enough to take the next step — which is to schedule a one-on-one appointment with YOU!

5) You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel — Follow a Proven Seminar/Webinar Marketing System

K Dunn & Associates provides a turn-key “Seminar/Webinar Marketing System” that has a proven track record of success. You’ll have access to highly effective advertising promotions, proven presentations, and all the systems that go into event marketing. Plus, you’ll be entitled to unlimited coaching — including initial weekly calls to take you and your staff through this complete system, step-by-step — all to help make your events a success.

If you think you can do this on your own, think again. It would take a lot of trial & error to get the same results K Dunn & Associates can produce for you immediately — and you’d likely lose lots of potential business in the process. Many of our clients come to us after trying to do seminars/webinars on their own…and, once they try our system, they experience results like never before. We have a proven track record of producing significantly more reservations and appointments!

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